Meet Snowy



Background: I am Snowy, named after the super dog who usually saves the day in the “Tin Tin” stories. That Snowy is charming but ordinary. I am a high-born Italian Lake Dog, officially known as a Lagotto Romanolo. Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs and other water dogs are my descendants.

Prior Experience: During the Renaissance, I had plenty of work as a waterfowl retriever, but when that work dried up, I transitioned to truffle hunting. This is a better role for my extraordinary nose. I do not eat truffles — they taste terrible! — and since I hate the taste of them, I take a lot of work away from pigs. I’m also a lot more affectionate and loyal than a pig: I don’t shed or slobber, and have real hair that needs cutting at about the same time as humans, all of which qualifies me as an excellent house dog. I had a leading role in a great movie, “The Truffle Hunters.”

Career Goals

Service Animal: I’m very smart, learn easily and like to work. I am the perfect size to crawl under the seat of an airplane and can hold my bladder for long flights.

Drug Sniffer: This is work for which I’m uniquely qualified. I would love to do it, but have never been asked to fill out an application.

Babysitter: Another job I could perform exceptionally well. I can be poked and pulled, never lose my temper and everyone raves about my playfulness.