Scope of Services

Though there is no such thing as a typical assignment for us, we provide these customized services to meet the needs of each project and client. 


We coordinate and establish the appropriate channels of communication among team members. We use phone calls, emails, text messages, software/apps, messenger services, virtual meetings and whatever else works best for your needs. We also value and encourage the efficiency of face-to-face meetings. Excellent communication is at the heart of every successful project — and although there is no one formula that fits all, we work very hard to find what’s best for each project, each owner and each team.

We monitor, administer and coordinate the performance of all work done on the project by all members of the team.

Cost Control Management
We maintain project budgets for your approval and regularly update them to reflect changes and progress until a project is completed.

Construction Oversight
We monitor construction progress, attend weekly construction meetings and site walkthroughs, review payment applications, and track change orders.

Project Meetings
We address all aspects of the project in weekly meetings with your design and construction team. Owners are welcome to attend these meetings. 

Decision Making
We make recommendations needed to achieve your goals, distilling and translating data for you to effectively process and make decisions.

We review the design and preliminary construction schedules to ensure they meet your time objectives and maintain and adapt schedules throughout the project.

Written Reports
We provide a range of written reports throughout our engagement, including project budgets, cost reports, cash flows, project schedules, action lists, punch lists and other proprietary reports and schedules.

Insurance Review
We coordinate with your insurance broker/advisor and review appropriate insurance types and levels. We require all team members to have insurance policies as contracts stipulate.